Sunday, September 25

An afternoon at the Melplash Show, August 2022

Melplash Show, 25 August 2022. This one-day country show is always a great event and famously blessed with good weather just about every year. Normally, I would get to the show at about 9am to witness the animal judging, which is over by mid-day.

Unfortunately, this year I couldn't get to the show until noon, so I only caught the tail end of the judging... In the few hours I was there, I think I managed to capture some of the spirit of the event.

Heavy horses area, with life belt.

Judging goats.

Snapping prize-winning sheep.

Goats on display.

Post-judging sheep chill-out zone.

Fun with balloons.

Family with heavy horses. The dog in the window caught my eye.

The horticulture tent featuring unfeasibly large vegetables.

Hats, hats, hats. Approaching the Symondsbury Estate area.

End of the day. Cattle with well-known but soon-to-be-discontinued talc-based product.

Sunday, November 21

A 2021 Publication – Aquae Sulis – A Brief History of the People of Bath. Published by Bump Books.

 November 2021

Following on from my On Weymouth Beach and Country Show zines, I have another publication out via Bump Books of London. David Solomons of Bump Books has selected 24 of my images from my project on the inhabitants of the city of Bath, and the result is a very nice, 32-page booklet. Again, print quality is very good.

Aquae Sulis – A Brief History of the People of Bath  
Published by Bump Books 
Edited by David Solomons 
Publication date: May 2021 
Size: 210mm x 148mm 
Cover: uncoated 170gsm digital 
Text: uncoated 120gsm digital 
Pages: 32 
Images: 24 
Printed in the UK 
Edition of 200

This Bath zine was published in tandem with a zine of my Bournemouth photos – I’ll post details of the Bournemouth zine on a further blog post soon.

The Aquae Sulis – A Brief History of the People of Bath zine costs £6.50, but you can get it along with the Bournemouth zine for just £10. Or you can purchase all four of my Bump zines - On Weymouth Beach, Country Show, Bournemouth, and Aquae Sulis for just £20. Bargain.

To purchase one, two or all four zines go to the Bump website here, where you can also see the spreads for the Aquae Sulis Bath zine

Go the Bump Books website home page to find the spreads for all four of my zines, along with publications by many other fine photographers.

 Full spreads (in order)

Full-size photos (not in order due to some Blogspot quirk)

In situ