Thursday, May 18

Street photography from March 2017 - 16 photos from Weymouth, London, Bournemouth and Bath

Sixteen photos from March 2017.

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[01 - Weymouth, levitate, jump, street photography]

[02 - Weymouth, super snails, crows, shadow, seaside]

[03 - Weymouth, super snails, assemble, seaside, beach]

[04 - Bournemouth, groyne, sea, street photography]

[05 - Weymouth, crow, mound of sand, beach]

[06 - Weymouth, metal detector, seaside]

[07 - Weymouth, digging dog, beach, seaside]

[08 - Weymouth, dog, crow, beach]

[09 - Bath, bog island, coach, waiting]

[10 - London, theatre, Harry Potter and the Crock of Shite, Cambridge Circus]

[11 - London, Cambridge Circus, roadworks, street photography, camera]

[12 - London, Oxford Street, cokes, health food]

[13 - London, hair twirls, Oxford Street, street photography]

[14 - London, Evening Standard, Theresa May, Brexit, newspapers, commuters, Oxford Circus]

[15 - London, hairdressers, hairdryer, Charing Cross Road]

[16 - London, Leicester Square, workers, break, street photography]

Tuesday, May 16

Street photography from early 2017 - January and February in Weymouth, London and Bath

A selection of my photos from January and February this year.

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[01 - Weymouth, crows, dog]

[02 - Bath, telephone box, ladder, street performer]

[03 - Bath, hen party, Cross Bath. street photography]

[04 - Bath, benches, tourists]

[05 - Bath, movements, crowd, street photography]

[06 - Bath, Abbey, street photography]

[07 - Bath, Abbey, square]

[08 - London, silver shoes, Mr Bojangles, street photography]

[09 - London, balloons, heart balloons, Valentines, street photography workshop]

[10 - London, pavement, calling card, chewing gum, stain, street photography workshop]

[11 - London, arrow scene, street photography]

[12 - London, street photography, crutches, pavement]

[13 - London, sheep, VR, Manette Street, Makers House]

[14 - London, Soho, chef, break, street photography]

[15 - Southwark Station, greetings, London]

[16 - finally, Wemouth, crows, seagulls, mist]

Tuesday, May 2

[EDIT - FULL] Street photography walk/workshop in Bath – Saturday, 27 May 2017!

This is a practical introduction to street photography suitable for beginners or intermediates, given by well-known street photographer Paul Russell (

It takes the form of an informal walk and discussions around the compact Georgian city of Bath (with about 4 hours strolling/shooting and 1 hour sitting/discussion).

We will be practising observational, candid street photography in the tradition of Cartier-Bresson and Garry Winogrand. This will involve taking candid photos – not asking people for portraits. Participants should bring a digital camera so we can review photos on the day.

Topics covered will include:

• Spotting possible photo opportunities
• How to take interesting photos including people without using a telephoto
• Methods for overcoming photographer’s block
• The importance of having themes in mind when shooting
• How to be discreet using body language/demeanour
• Learning to anticipate and make the most of interesting situations
• Street photography camera techniques, e.g. zone focusing.

The most interesting photos from the day will be displayed together online to provide a photographic record of the day (as for the 2016 Bath walk/workshop here).

Essential details
Date: Saturday 27 May 2017, 12 to 5 pm
A maximum of six participants.
Price: £46
Meeting point: Bath Spa train station

Contact if you have any questions or just book now using a debit or credit card or PayPal with the “Buy Now” button at the very bottom of this post. (You may need to use the "Check Out as a Guest" option if you don't have a PayPal account.)

About Paul Russell
I am one of 46 international photographers profiled in Thames & Hudson’s Street Photography Now book (other photographers profiled include Martin Parr and Bruce Gilden).

I am a member of the In-Public street photography collective (, and my work has been collected by the Museum of London. And I am a former resident of Bath who now shoots regularly in the city…

Please be wary of the growing number of street photography workshops given by people who like to take walks/workshops, but have scant credentials or track record in the genre!

Price: £46. Contact for further details.

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bath, Cross Bath]

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bath, supermarket dog]

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bath, planks]

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bath, photo booth]

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bath, Milsom Street mannequins]

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bath, bus and ladder scene]

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bath, tourist group]

[Photo: Paul Russell, Bristol, duelling ladies]

"As a former PR workshop "graduate" I can definitely say his advice will prove invaluable for you in years to come" Darren Lehane (Bournemouth workshop)

"thank you, excellent workshop" DK (London workshop)

"I can honestly say you will have a great time and learn heaps from one of the best around." Steven Phillips (London workshop)