Wednesday, May 31

Photos from participants on my Bath street photography workshop - 25 March 2017

Here's a selection of photos from participants on my street photography workshop that took place on in Bath Saturday 25 March 2017.

The six taking part were David Saunders, Daniel Durrans, Stephen Connolly, Federico Zavanelli, Qin Shi (Suki) and Ian Boulton.

Clicking on the pics may start a slideshow, or give you bigger photos, depending on your set-up...

First up, Ian Boulton, from the Bristol area.

Next Daniel Durrans, from definitely Bristol

David Saunders, international man of hard shadows

Federico Zavanelli, from Italy via Oxford

Stephen Connolly, from Gillingham in Dorset...

Finally, Qin Shi (Suki)

And, to round it off, another one from Ian Boulton

Postscript: Embarassingly, in the first version of this ad, and also for the previous Bath workshop, I referred to the city as "Bath Spa". I have obviously spent too much time at the train station. The city is just "Bath", the train station and a university are "Bath Spa". I should know what the city is called - I lived there for 3 years in the 1990s!

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