Sunday, August 5

A seaside show in Antrim

I finally got round to sorting out the pictures for another show of my seaside pictures, this time in Antrim, Northern Ireland, which runs from

4 September to 28 September
Clotworthy Arts Centre, Antrim

The gallery has been very helpful and generous.

Of course, despite my best intentions and a carefully prepared schedule, finding the time to prepare and upsize the files to be printed by at 15 by 10 inches by my local lab eventually was squeezed to a slightly last-minute affair. Not helped by the fact that my antique computer seems to be on its last legs, and huge chunks of hard drive disappear for no apparent reason, seemingly just when I need to do some urgent work.

In the end I was very pleased with the final 36 prints, which takes some the best pictures from the Slough and Bracknell shows but gives a run out to some (mainly) newer shots.

The Nikon D70 files go to 15 by 10 inches pretty easily, at least to my eye looking at the final prints, so the time I spent agonising over whether to apply 65% or 70% unsharp mask for such and such a shot is 100% invisible to the naked eye.


Mudflapgypsy said...

Looking forward to seeing the show Paul.

Paul Russell said...