Tuesday, October 7

Conversation in Jessops concerning Martin Parr

– Can I help you, Sir?

– Yes, I'd like to try out this camera please. [mucks around with camera for a few minutes]

– Hmmm, the focus seems to be a bit slower than I expected. Hard to know if it's just the low light inside this shop. Not worth going outside though, it's even grimmer out there. And raining.

– Yes, no way you could do any photography today.

– Oh, I don't know, have you seen Martin Parr's Bad Weather Series? [clearly this customer is the sort of fruitcake who talks to strangers on train]

– I think so. Was it on Sky?

– No, I meant a series of photographs. I think it was a book. Martin Parr used an underwater camera and flash to photograph people in the rain and snow.

– And what was the point of that?

– Erm, well, you know, documenting people going about their daily business in all conditions, not just photographing in good weather when everyone else is photographing.

– It seems like a lot of effort just to make a point.

– Maybe, but he's become quite a wealthy man doing stuff like that.

– Ah well, if he's rich, maybe he can afford to waste his time doing that sort of thing.


tjh said...


But why does everyone hate Martin Parr... feel sorry for the poor guy - he tries his best

Em P Dee said...

Cheers. I love stuff like that. A written photo almost. If you follow?

"And what was the point of that?" Jeez.

BennehBoy said...


J. Karanka said...

Brilliant. I talk always to strangers on trains, I think it's one of the plus points of that transport. (Doing Cardiff - Manchester - Edinburgh tomorrow.)

Paul Russell said...

Joni - yes, I'm one of the weirdos that talks to people on trains. Jealous of your mini train tour.