Saturday, November 29

Urban exploration with Will Self

After walking from his house in central London to Heathrow Airport, author Will Self boarded a plane to New York. Once in New York, he continued his walk from Kennedy Airport to his hotel. I enjoyed this quote:

"People don’t know where they are anymore ... In the post-industrial age, this is the only form of real exploration left. Anyone can go and see the Ituri pygmy, but how many people have walked all the way from the airport to the city?"

Source: New York Times


BennehBoy said...

I think he's onto something Paul, we all know that you can never really get to know a place without pounding the pavement and exploring every nook and cranny. Since taking up photography I've revisited on foot places I'd normally only ever driven through - often to be left feeling quite astounded at how little I actually knew about a place that had always been right under my nose.

Hopefully I've come away with a few interesting photos too.

Paul Russell said...

Yes, I think it's important to take a few unpromising "wrong turns" as well, so not to end up in the same old places. I'm probably guilty of not doing this.