Wednesday, December 31

Happy New Year

I’m quite behind in updating my website, with November and December photo diary pages to be updated, and I desperately need to upload some more themed collections, once I have sorted them out. A few people probably wonder why I add the photo diary pages for every month, but I see it as a useful discipline that FORCES me to whittle down the hundreds of shots I’ve taken every month to anything from half a dozen to 30 pictures. These photo diary pictures are shots that I feel might come in handy for future themed collections – they are shots that, believe it or not, have passed some sort of basic quality control test. Behind the scenes are usually about a hundred or so shots for each month that I can’t quite bring myself to bin though... I think that without the discipline of updating and culling a sizable proportion every month that I would end up with a truly terrifying backlog.

Anyway, as it’s the end of the year, I’ve picked out 10 of my photos from 2008 that I liked...


Anonymous said...

Hi -
I was going to ask about the monthly backlog-
tricky exercise that (annual top 10) - I took a stab at mine ..I wonder if this matches interest on flickr.
(please excuse link set-up - any advice in adding actual picture thumbnails appreciated!)

Paul Russell said...

Hi anonymous Justin. I'm afraid you're on your own with the thumbnails. It sounds a bit advanced for the comments box.

I didn't spend hours agonising over my "top 10" -- but it probably includes most of my favourites. And excludes quite of few of my most popular ones for 2008 according to Flickr votes!