Thursday, April 23

U-bend photographers

A while back I coined the phrase ‘U-bend photographers’ to describe the modern phenomenon of leaning backwards to take a shot, as illustrated in my shots above. I was slightly puzzled as to why some people do this...

Chuck Patch reckons “Nearly 100 years of eye-level viewfinders have trained people to hold the camera to their eyes. But wait! Modern digitals have an itty-bitty screen that can only be taken in from about 6 inches to a foot away, so one holds the camera where it SHOULD be (where your head normally is) and leans backward to get the view.”

That sounds reasonable, but then again, why not just move your hands containing the camera forward and keep your body still. That would be a simpler solution. Maybe it's a trait like right- and left-handedness and, say, 95% of the population move their hands and 5% move their bodies.

Keep a lookout and report back any interesting theories and findings. There is also a Flickr group.

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