Thursday, July 23

Now you’re stalking – celebs in the wild

Today I came across my list of celebs I've spotted out and about. I must have been pretty bored when I compiled this. A couple of things struck me – firstly how many celebs I had bumped into on trains or train stations, and secondly how few sports people I had seen (they obviously don’t use trains much). The only footballer on my list is Ian Wright... I am currently pondering the sociological and psychogeographical significance of the data. Meanwhile, here’s the list:

  • Andrew Marr – near Waterloo Station, 2006.
  • Annie out of Elastica – sat next to me on a train from London to Brighton.
  • Adam Mars-Jones – London.
  • Alan Bennett – cycling in London.
  • Anne Nightingale – Brighton.
  • A bloke who used to be in the Bill – big, black hair, looks like a friendly bear.
  • Arthur Smith – in Bath, twice in 2004.
  • Bob Geldof  – Waterloo Station
  • Billy Bragg – shopping in Weymouth.
  • Billy Connolly – at the Wimbledon tennis.
  • Bobby Gillespie – on a train from Brighton to London. Looking a bit wasted.
  • Charles Kennedy (RIP) – emerging from a Brighton hotel smoking a fag.
  • Cheryl Baker – ex Buck Fizz. On a train from Nottingham.
  • Chris Ellison – out of the Bill. In Bournemouth.
  • Chris Morris – in Borders in Oxford Street (RIP).
  • Chris Moyles – in a pub, London. I missed my chance to kill him.
  • Dennis Waterman – Littlehampton.
  • ‘Diddy’ David Hamilton – twice. Once at Nottingham train station [duplicate].
  • Edward Fox – talking to himself like a mad person in Oxford.
  • Edwina Curry – at a London train station.
  • Fenella Fielding – star of Carry on Screaming and voice of The Blue Cat. Walking around Covent Garden – still looking good..
  • Gaz out of Supergrass – loads of times in Brighton and Oxford. Plus Danny quite a few times.
  • George Cole – Littlehampton.
  • Gok Wan – Covent Garden, London, ca 2017
  • Ian ‘Wrighty’ Wright – near the British War Museum.
  • Jacqueline Wilson – loads of scary rings, London 2005.
  • Janet Street-Porter – Bournemouth, 2005.
  • Jarvis Cocker – sat opposite him on a train to Sheffield, before the big hits. Also, in Bath ca 2016 [duplicate].
  • Jeremy Paxman – having, ahem, difficulty walking at Reading Station.
  • John Sessions – in a hurry near Liverpool Street station.
  • Keith Allen – Southampton train station – asked me where the “nearest boozer” was. Sneered at my factually correct answer for no apparent reason. Prick.
  • Ken Russell (RIP) – sat opposite me on a train to London.
  • Kevin Rowland – twice in London – once during his “lost” decade.
  • Lesley Joseph – Brighton. Not as gorgeous as you might think.
  • Lucy Ellmann – writer, London Zoo.
  • Mark Kermode - film critic, presenter, Swanage 2010.
  • Mark Lamarr – London, 2005. Looking like someone with no friends.
  • Martin Rossiter – out of Gene, on a train.
  • Marty Wilde – on Bournemouth Pier, 2005.
  • Maryam D’Abo – Bond girl, sorry, famous actress. Victoria Station.
  • Melvyn Bragg – South Bank, of course, 2005. Plus Covent Garden, ca 2016 [duplicate].
  • Michael Foot (RIP) – quite a few times on trains. Often with little dog – a very polite man.
  • Michelle Collins – in sunglasses for no apparent reason, Oxford.
  • Micky Dolenz - In Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem pub, Nottingham, 2011
  • Mike McShane – comedian.
  • Neil Pearson – in Bath MVC (RIP).
  • Nigel Planer – London, South Bank.
  • Nick Cave – being very tall in Brighton, many years ago.
  • Nick Hancock – London – we got in each other's way, and we did the awkward jiggle thing. He was apologetic.
  • Paddy Ashdown – Brighton. (Also campaigning at Eastleigh by-election - not sure if that counts.)
  • Paul (Gazza) Gascoigne – mucking around and playing mini-golf – Bournemouth, 2011. Also a few years later in Boscombe [duplicate]
  • Paul Heaton – in a pub, twice. In fact, it looked like he hadn’t moved from the spot in the intervening period [duplicate].
  • Paul McCartney with Heather Mills. No entourage – just the two of them strolling in Hove.
  • Paula Yates (RIP). In Brighton – looking at rock and assorted seaside tat.
  • Polly Jean Harvey – quite a few times around Bridport.
  • Princess Di (RIP) – got out a car in front of me.
  • Ray Alan (RIP) - ventriloquist – in an Isle of Wight café.
  • Reginald D. Hunter – Bath, 2018
  • Robin Day (RIP) – Oxford.
  • Rod Hull (RIP) – on Nottingham Station, wearing a gold lame jacket, smoking a pipe. No Emu.
  • Rory McGrath – London, waiting to do some filming. Also, a few years later in Bridport [duplicate].
  • Ross Kemp – walking along Brighton prom.
  • Sharon Duce – on a train.
  • Simon Callow – ACTOR, etc. – Victoria Station.
  • Steve Davies – on train station complete with cue holder thing.
  • Stephen Fry – walking along a narrow passage in Soho.
  • Stu and Michelle – or something, off of Big Brother on Brighton Pier.
  • Thom York – Oxford – in sunglasses for no apparent reason.
  • Van Morrison – numerous times in Bath. Always looking or sounding grumpy. What a surprise.
  • Vic Reeves - dining outside a restaurant near the British Museum.
  • Wendy Richard (RIP) – walking a little dog, London.
  • Zoe Ball featuring Fatboy Slim – Brighton. He’s a lot bigger and taller than I expected.


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