Thursday, June 10

Chris Steele-Perkins at the Third Floor Gallery

Chris Steele-Perkins' show “For Love of the Game” opens this evening at the Third Floor Gallery in Cardiff. The exhibition runs for the duration of the World Cup.

“For years I didn’t like football, but as a photographer I was drawn to the way football became a part of people’s lives, their culture: how much it mattered to them and how much it got played - in refugee camps, in back streets, in muddy fields, in snooker-table stadiums, in deserts and gardens.”




justin Sainsbury said...

Hi -What happened to the 'Is CS-P shit?' header. Were you thinking that might be one less vote in the Magnum application process?
Just for the record, every time I've been in the photogs gallery it's been prety average at best. I always spend more time in the shop.

Paul Russell said...

Well spotted, the original title of this post was a tongue-in-cheek "Is Chris Steele-Perkins shit" in reference to his remarks about the Photographers Gallery that he made at a talk at HOST. I had second thoughts about transmitting his comments -- I thought that maybe they were made in the heat of the moment, and he might not appreciate them being broadcast over the Interweb. However, since then he's gone "on record", so he clearly doesn't give a shit. Fair play to him.