Wednesday, November 10

Bournemouth Borders to become a Tesco

The Bournemouth Westbourne Methodist church is currently being converted into some species of Tesco (Metro, Express, etc.), and I noticed the other day that the town centre site vacated by Borders has been acquired by Tesco. I think that is five Tescos in central-ish Bournemouth now.

I hope that Tesco will acknowledge the heritage and history of the premises that they are taking over. Maybe the Tesco in ye olde Borders could have some sofas and tables where we can spend all day handling soft fruit and perishable goods until they become unsellable, thus leading to the slow demise of the supermarket.

Suggestions for the church-related Tesco are welcome.


justinS said...

Maybe they could have an aisle specifically designated for candle lighting in which we could lament the demise of small and medium size businesses in the area. I'm sure they could make a killing on candles and matches. A win-win.

Paul Russell said...

I like your thinking. I'll also make a point of asking for Russian Vogue, Hotshoe and Amelia's Magazine in the frozen veg section of Borders Tesco.