Friday, December 3

Nacho Santigosa - el viaje

All photographs copyright Nacho Santigosa 2010

Spanish street photographer Nacho Santigosa is currently spending a couple of weeks in England. It's maybe not the best time to be visiting the country (cold and now snow), but it was my great pleasure to meet up with him last weekend, and we had a fun day wandering around Bournemouth. At about 3.30 pm I lost all feeling in my hands, so that seemed liked a good time to stop...

Nacho has been interested in photography for over 20 years, ever since discovering a book of black and white street photography that belonged to his grandfather.

While in England, Nacho is trying out his new toy, the little Panasonic Lumix LX5 with an electronic viewfinder, and I learnt a great deal by watching him at work.

I think his enthusiasm is neatly summed up by this quote from a Flickr interview with "nativ flavaz":

"One day, in Sevilla, in 1997, I was waiting for my girlfriend, hanging around the streets, with my Canon T-90 and a 50 mm f/1.8 FD. Then I saw a boy sitting on the doorstep of his house ... and I shot ... three, four times, I don’t remember; the next two days were hard days waiting to see the results. Finally, the miracle ... that day was the day I was waiting for, the shot I was waiting for..."

See more of his photography here.


Anonymous said...

Paul, thank you very much for a wonderful saturday... I learned a lot watching you in action... and I hope to see you again next year !!

arzach said...

greats pics paul :-) bellissime