Wednesday, May 25

Bournemouth Street Photography Courses

This is a unique opportunity to join two experienced street photographers in a vibrant coastal resort.

Paul Russell (In-Public member) and Justin Sainsbury (UK Street Collective) will be leading engaging one-day courses around the town on 11 and 25 June 2011.

Through personal, in-the-field tuition we will encourage you to develop your own style and create interesting and inspiring street photographs.

Aspects of the day will include:

– Looking at the practical factors to consider when taking pictures of people in their environment.

– Learning to anticipate and make the most of interesting situations.

– How to best utilise your existing equipment, plus hands-on assessment of specialist cameras – the Ricoh GRD II and the Fujifilm FinePix X100.

– Maximising impact and creating rounded photo stories through selective editing.

By having a maximum of four participants we will ensure that you receive a concentrated level of advice and insight into this fascinating and challenging photography genre. The course will take place in situ on the street but we will have this beach hut base camp close to Bournemouth Pier!

For course fee of £80.00 you will also receive the benefit of a review of some of your previous work prior to the day in Bournemouth. Following the day’s shoot we will also provide an in-depth review of your pictures.

Paul and Justin are known for their humorous and poignant take on everyday life. If you enjoy non-confrontational photography of people without relying on long lenses then this may be the course for you.

For more detail please contact

The one-day courses will run from 11 am until 6 pm plus assessment of your portfolio of best shots via the Internet and a review of your Bournemouth shots subsequent to the day out.

Bournemouth is less than 2 hours from London Waterloo by train and is served by two trains per hour.

Photos copyright Paul Russell and Justin Sainsbury

7 comments: said...

Looks like a grand day out. I hope you will find a way for participants to post their images together. Look forward to seeing the results.

Paul Russell said...

Good idea Lloyd. We will definitely put the best images up online somewhere.

vicky said...

sounds like a really good day, hope it goes well and the sun shines!

Adrian Boliston said...

Hope the course went well, would like to see the images for the day!

Paul Russell said...

Thanks, yes we will put the images up - either on this blog or in a Flickr group - soon.

Darren Lehane said...

As the first participant of this day I can make future particpants the following assurances:

1. Just by watching how Paul and Justin work you'll learn loads;
2. You'll come away inspired and more confident;
3. You won't find a more pleasant and knowledgable pair of gents
4. Your street photography will see a definite improvement afterwards.

I thoroughly enjoyed the day and it really made the final piece of the street photography jigsaw fall into place for me!

Paul Russell said...

Thanks Darren. A great day, and good to meet you. Hoping that the weather is as good on the 25th.