Saturday, July 16

Last chance to see... Street Photography Now

This weekend is the last for the Street Photography Now exhibition at 18 Exmouth Market, London EC1R 4QE. The exhibition was initated by Third Floor Gallery and features one photograph by each of the photographers profiled in the Thames & Hudson book. The show is part of the London Street Photography Festival.

"From Manhattan's Fifth Avenue to London's Oxford Street, from Mexico City to Moscow via Bombay and Bournemouth, Street Photography Now also features the work of a truly global group of emerging photographers working the streets today."

The last day of the show is Monday 18 July!

Me and David Gibson sign books for imaginary fans

All photos by Rachael Ward


Anonymous said...

Bring this show to NY !!

Bernhard said...

"Me and David Gibson sign books for imaginary fans"

Why so bitter? You need to focus on hipshots. Be cool. And shoot Leica, of course.