Thursday, March 21

BBC story: up close and personal in Eastleigh

The BBC were nice enough to run a story about my Eastleigh by-election project, featuring 12 photos. Click here for the full story.

A few direct quotes from the article:

"On my first visit I was struck by the visual interest of the election being played out against the backdrop of a fairly awkward time for the country."

"I became interested in photographing the influence of the media on the events - situations specifically set up for the benefit of the press. I noted how keen politicians seemed to be on getting their picture taken with anyone they could find in a wheelchair."

On using a small camera (the FujiFilm X10) rather than an SLR:

"I often found myself a few feet away from subjects, while the press photographers who arrived this week were further back. With the silent shutter, people usually forgot I was there, allowing me to get mostly naturalistic photos, rather than staged looking pictures."

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