Sunday, June 23

23 June 2008: Bees vs Punch & Judy

On this date 5 years ago a swarm of bees invaded the Weymouth Punch & Judy booth. I was just getting off the bus from somewhere else as the scene unfolded.

[pic 2281 - click for larger version]

The above photo of bees being removed from Mark Poulton's booth has been quite widely used (e.g. in the Street Photography Now book) but looking back, the whole sequence shown in the complete sequence "contact" sheet makes an interesting little story. The 14 shots making up files nos 2279 to 2292 below span 9 minutes.

[contact sheet I - click for larger version]

[contact sheet II - click for larger version]

Three other shots from within the sequence:

[2284 - click for larger version]

[2287 - click for larger version]

[2291 - click for larger version]


Gordon Ray said...

2287 would be a worthy alternative to your pick - and also my favorite from the other shots. Its also less obvious whats going on.

I'm enjoying your contact sheets. Thanks!

Paul Russell said...
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Paul Russell said...

Thanks for commenting Gordon. It's in the general nature of photography, plus decisive moment ethos, plus when making larger series of photos that you usually have to make a "pick" of one but occasionally the whole sequence can be interesting as well. Like the little story sequences that Nils Jorgensen sometimes does. If you're having trouble picking between very different shots from a sequence, maybe sometimes you shouldn't just pick one (By "you", I mean "one".)