Thursday, August 28

London street photography, July/August 2014. Part 2

Once again, looking to add to my "London: The Tourist Guide" series, I paid several visits to the capital in July/August this year.

As the title implies, the series linked to above is intended as my representation of the tourist's eye view of London, focusing on tourist spots, tourists themselves or ironically illustrating some cliched aspect of London life (think "This is London" by Miroslav Sasek).

Click on photos for larger version/slideshow, depending on your device....

"Theatreland", Lyceum, doorway, London

Covent Garden, ballet, opera, telephone box, London

Church wall, St Johns, Waterloo, London

Covent Garden, hair, London

Tottenham Court Road, after rain, London

National Gallery, paintings, Ovid, Delacroix, Christ, London

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