Monday, April 20

Misty day on Weymouth beach, 9 April 2015

Five photos from a misty day in Weymouth, Thursday 9 April 2015.

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[caption: carousel, roundabout, helter skelter, Weymouth beach, mist, dog]

[caption: Weymouth beach, mist, seaside, metal detector, detectorist]

[caption: Weymouth beach, mist, seaside, swings, swing boat, shuggy boat, crow]

[caption: Weymouth beach, mist, seaside, helter skelter, ball]

[caption: Weymouth beach, mist, seaside, swings, swing boat, metal detector, crow, detectorist, roundabout, carousel]


mark said...

You should come down to my town, Southend - it would be interesting to see what you make of it

mark said...

Sorry I meant to post that comment in the interview where you were talking about your day trips to Bath etc

Paul Russell said...

Hi Mark. Yes, Southend looks interesting. Unfortunately, it's beyond the reach of a day trip from Weymouth and I don't really have funds to take extended trips at the moment.