Friday, May 15

My FAB Festival of Visual Arts from Bath 2015

The Fringe Arts Bath (FAB) 2015 Festival of Visual Arts starts next week. Here's my own mini-festival of photos taken around Bath over the past year.

I will be showing these photos in an entirely unofficial capacity in Bath in some form during the festival. Look out for QR codes in Bath.

Click on the photos below for bigger versions/slideshow.

Alternatively, you can view the 10 photos here.

[1, Paul Weller, estate agent, Bath, street photography]

[2, Abbey, embrace, Bath Spa, street photography]

[3, planks, estate agent, Bath, street photography]

[4, ruler, measuring, Bath, visual arts festival, FAB]

[5, Bath Abbey, graduation, street photography, FAB, visual arts]

[6, cakes, bridge, Bath Spa]

[7, tourists, photographing, Bath, street photography]

[8, empty shop, to let, Bath, street photography]

[9, leaves, pastries, anything, Bath, street photography]

[10, FAB Festival of Visual Arts, barber, market, Bath, street photography]

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john smith said...

because of the lighter and smaller size, as well as the versatility of built in 5-Axis Image Stabilization.