Tuesday, August 25

Street photography from July 2015 - Bath, Brighton, Weymouth, Bournemouth...

... and Littlehampton.

Street photography from July 2015. Please click on the thumbnails for bigger version or a nice slideshow, depending on your device.

[caption: Bath, pigeons, tourist, hair, phone, photography, street photography]

[caption: Bath, bike, bicycle, hose, hi-vis, vintage clothing, street photography]

[caption: Littlehampton, swan, River Arun, boat, speedboat]

[caption: Brighton, pier, umbrellas, sunny, summer]

[caption: Brighton, pizza, litter, pigeons, trainers, sneakers]

[caption: Brighton, arches, demolish, white horse, rubbish]

[caption: Weymouth, umbrellas, deckchair, beach, seaside, summer, sand, street photography]

[caption: Bournemouth, beach photography, seaside, pier, sprawl, games]

[caption: Bournemouth, wheelchair, chip shop, dog, railings, street photography]

[caption: Bath, Milsom Street, dummies, closure, street photography]

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