Friday, June 24

"Zippy Man" photo featured in Die Zeit

My "Zippy Man" photo is featured on page 19 of the current issue of the German newspaper Die Zeit, dated 23 June 2016 (with an "estimated readership of slightly above 2 million, it is the most widely read German weekly newspaper" - Wikipedia).

The Zippy Man photo was taken in Bournemouth back in 2004, but has recently started to resemble Boris Johnson in my eyes.

As always, prints of the Zippy Man/Boris Johnson photo, along with 11 other well-known images can be bought from here


Connie said...

Dear Paul,

I hope they paid you for the rights... german newspapers are always very strict when you want to cite something from them, but when they cite you or take your images... that's another point of view ;=(

All the best,

Connie (sad about Brexit)

Paul Russell said...

Hi Connie. I was happy with the agreed payment... In my limited experience, I've found German publications very good about stating a price and then actually you quickly. Touch wood.

Yes, not an ideal referendum result...