Sunday, October 9

Street photography from August 2016 - from London, Weymouth, Lyme Regis, Bournemouth & Bridport

And now, here's a selection of my street photography from August this year. The photos were taken in London, Weymouth, Lyme Regis, Bournemouth and at the Melplash Country show.

Clicking on the photos may give you larger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up...

[caption: 1, London, tube station, hi-vis, street photography]

[caption: 2, London, stage door, street photography]

[caption: 3, Weymouth, beach, seaside, despair, flag]

[caption: 4, Weymouth, pedaloes, seaside, beach]

[caption: 5, Weymouth, crow, bucket, spade, seaside, sand, beach]

[caption: 6, Lyme Regis, dog, phone, street photography, camera, seaside]

[caption: 7, London, Tate Modern, Ai Weiwei tree]

[caption: 8, Bournemouth, ship, warship, seaside, photographing]

I haven't finished going through shots from this day yet, but these are probably some of my favourite shots from the day

[caption: 9, Melplash country show, pigs, urinating, judging, Melplash Agricultural Society, Bridport]

[caption: 10, Melplash country show, pigs, judging, Bridport]

[caption: 11, Melplash country show, donkey, photographing]

[caption: 12, Melplash country show, end of the day]

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