Saturday, March 4

Street photography from September 2016 - mainly Weymouth!

Catching up a little, here's a selection of photos from September 2016, mainly from Weymouth

Clicking on the photos may give you larger versions, or a slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[caption: London, Oxford Street, pram, boots, bus, street photography]

[caption: Weymouth, windbreaker, beach, seaside, Jurassic Skyline, stripes, hat]

[caption: Weymouth, super snails, beach, seaside, street photography, flags, speedway, ladder]

[caption: Weymouth, Waverley, boat, ship, harbour, photographing, barbed wire]

[caption: Weymouth, beach, seaside, rocker, pedalo hire]

[caption: Swanage, pier, cane, boards, walking stick]

[caption: Weymouth, seagull, promenade, tub, ice-cream, seaside, street photography]


Edward Nixon said...

Nice set, Paul. Certainly best use of a cane in a street photo I've seen. And I'm always gratified to see a mother checking the status of her stollered child; often they seem to forget there is a valuable cargo up front there as they madly assert their right to push and prod their way through crowds and across the street in heavy traffic.

Paul Russell said...

Thanks for taking the time to comment, Ed

kold_kadavr_ flatliner said...
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