Monday, April 17

Street photography from November and December 2016

A sampling of my street photography from November and December 2016.

Clicking on the photos may give you larger photos or a slideshow, depending on your setup.

[01, caption: Southampton, stairs, street photography, pram, stroller]

[02, caption: Bath, doors, statue, street photography, hands]

[03, caption: Bath, building works, hi-vis, orange]

[04, caption: Bournemouth, cat, auction rooms]

[05, caption: Bournemouth, tortoise, decapitation]

[06, caption: Bournemouth, shopping, street photography]

[07, caption: Weymouth, beach, guns, display]

[08, caption: Bournemouth, tuba, instrument, night, station]

[09, caption: Brighton, Christmas, sign]

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