Monday, January 1

Bath before Christmas

No that's not an instruction.

For the past few years I've made a point of visiting the Georgian city of Bath just before Christmas. The gaudy lights and plastic Santas that seem to signify Christmas in most town centres don't really cut the mustard for me. No - I was searching for the mythical notion of a traditional Christmas experience. Carol singers and, erm, other stuff.

Some photo taking, present buying and general aimless wandering were on the agenda. The present buying was fairly painless - some jewellery from the excellent Silver Shop and the indoor market.

The obvious photographic subject would have been rushing Christmas shoppers, hence that didn't seem appealing. Instead, I set myself the task of taking an interesting picture featuring the famous Royal Crescent:


The Jimmy Stewart moment came early in the day, when I passed a little girl who was telling a Santa what she wanted for Christmas: "A dog ..., well a puppy". The excitement on her face was priceless. If that was in a Hugh Grant film, I would have puked, but in real life it was so touching. And there were some great carol singers (one of whom I recognised from a photo taken a few years ago).

Shopping and photography over, I concentrated on aimless wandering until 9 pm (and have the blisters to prove it). The wide streets and "tasteful" Christmas lights looked great after sundown.

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