Saturday, January 6

Up and coming? David Solomons

People can be sniffy about Flickr, and certain aspects of the presentation can be annoying, but it is a great place to bump into good photographers. And occasionally extraordinary talents, that make you wonder about the correlation between ability and success. ("Success" being a relative term in the rather obscure practice of street photography, I suppose.)

Anyway, being very late to the Flickr party, my most pleasing "discovery" so far has been David Solomons. A graduate of the well known Documentary Photography course in Newport, Wales, David has been shooting since the early 1990s.

His web site at

contains a tightly edited portfolio, but the steady stream of old and new photos trickling onto Flickr at

show him to have a very large body of good work.

It's a mystery to me why he isn't more well known; I'm sure that will change soon.

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