Thursday, April 12

Kate Moss in pork scratchings shock


"Kate Moss has been seen snacking on pork scratchings

The waif-like supermodel was enjoying an evening with a group of girlfriends in a Devon pub where she munched on nuts and the calorific bar snack - which is fried pig skin covered in salt.

Kate's latest pork indulgence comes just weeks after she was seen munching on the same fatty food in another pub with lover Pete Doherty. Ten Tors barmaid Lisa Discombe told Britain's Daily Express newspaper: "Kate seemed very friendly. She came in with four other women and ordered just one drink – vodka - and some nuts and pork scratchings."

If you have any more Kate Moss pork scratching sightings, please let me know.

Afterthought: a quick Google of "kate moss" "pork scratchings" brings up page after page of web sites publishing this news story. Clearly it is even more important than I at first imagined.

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