Thursday, April 12

Simon Roberts' Motherland at Photofusion

Trent Parke's excellent show at Photofusion in Brixton is now over, replaced by "Motherland", Simon Roberts' "bold visual statement about contemporary Russia".

Details: The exhibition runs from now until Friday 25 May 2007.
Gallery opening times are Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. The gallery is very close to Brixton Tube Station.


Looking forward to seeing the show. A few of the portraits seem to be of the generic, blank, bored variety that is currently in fashion, but overall the series looks very interesting.

Simon's website currently contains an abbreviated version of the book for your perusal:

Sample images


Connie said...


thank you for this information.
As I am steady traveller in Russia (just coming back from the Volga with more than 2000 photos...) I am glad to find this book.

It is really very special, and a pity that I cannot see the exhibition...

Connie in Hamburg

Paul Russell said...

Glad to be of some use, Connie.

Happy editing.

Connie said...


I got the book now and I must admit, Simon Roberts "got Russia" ...

I felt "at home" page by page