Wednesday, September 29

You're history: Weymouth's fast food kiosks bite the dust

It's just been announced that Weymouth beach's red, white and blue fast food kiosks are to be replaced by contemporary new designs... Some people found the kiosks tacky, but they certainly were a distinctive part of the beachscape, making any photo they appeared in very definitely "Weymouth".

Littlehampton is a good example of a small seaside town that has generated publicity via new innovative buildings; it will be interesting to see if Weymouth will do the same.


Connie said...

What a shame!
They just don't know what their heritage and their special athmosphere is...

Paul Russell said...

Well, some people are not keen on them, but they are instantly recognisable as being Weymouth.

Hopefully the replacements will be different but also suitably distinctive.