Friday, October 8

Large stripey prints “give-away”

I am selling these two poster-size prints (~30 by 20 inches) featuring Weymouth’s distinctive fast food kiosks. I had a couple of copies of each of them made several years ago for a project that never happened, and they have been sitting rolled up ever since. About a week ago, I found and unrolled them and the next day I learnt that the kiosks are now history (see post below), which seemed a coincidence.

The hand and hut image was featured in the 148th RPS International Print Exhibition (catalogue pictured) and both images have been exhibited as part of my Beside the Sea solo shows. In short, they are dead good.

In keeping with tradition, the term “give-away” is relative but I am selling them for a similar price to just the printing costs (my standard price for 15 × 10 inch prints is £100).

You can see the images in the blog post below...

Hand and hut: £22
Ladies with scarves: £22
Both: £35
Postage: £5 UK and £10 EU.
Nikon D70 and bottle not included.

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