Thursday, February 28

Eastleigh by-election: photo guide to candidates

My attempt to photograph all 14 candidates of the Eastleigh by-election has failed, thanks to the pathetic non-shows of Labour's John O'Farrell and the Conservative, Maria Hutchings. I didn't catch a glimpse of them in Eastleigh town centre. No-one has heard of those weirdo fringe parties anyway.

So in the absence of Conservatives and Labour, I'm left with 12 illustrious candidates. Get voting!

Wessex Regionalist, Colin Bex

Elvis Loves Pets, David Bishop

Peace, Jim Duggan

Beer, Baccy and Crumpet Party, Ray Hall

Monster Raving Loony, Howling Laud Hope

UKIP, Diane James

National Health Action, Iain Maclennan

Christian, Kevin Milburn

TUSC, Daz Procter

Independent, Danny Stupple

English Democrats, Michael Walters

Liberal Democrat, Mike Thornton

Updated to include Ray Hall, who was spotted on polling day, 28 February.


Anonymous said...

Erm you got the last 2 mixed up Paul

Paul Russell said...

Mix-up now fixed. Thanks for pointing it out - I was hurrying to post before going to Eastleigh...