Tuesday, February 26

More photos from the Eastleigh by-election: my week in politics

The Eastleigh by-election is proving a fruitful photo hunting ground, and fascinating event.

Here's some more photos. Again, click on the photos for bigger versions.

Monster Raving Loony party's Howling Laud Hope meets a casually dressed Michael Fabricant, Tory MP and election strategist. UKIP's headquarters is in the centre of town on a busy corner, and hence appears in many of the Eastleigh election shots. Cunning free publicity for UKIP!

Colin Bex, Wessex Regionalist candidate.

The UKIP campaign office.

A town not entirely gripped by election fever.

More heavyweight political encounters. David Bishop of the Elvis Loves Pets Party and Nigel Farage, UKIP. With obligatory UKIP background.

MORE of my election photos in slideshow form here.

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