Tuesday, March 4

Tony Ray-Jones footnotes: Ramsgate 1967(ish)

While searching for the well known Tony Ray-Jones “Ramsgate” picture, I came across this impressive version. It’s unusual in that there is more detail present than in all the 20 or so other versions I found online.

There is also significantly more detail present than in the Russell Roberts compilation – this book was widely praised for the quality of the printing and wrung hitherto unseen details out of the Ray-Jones negs, which were often hard to print. There is slightly more of the neg image shown in this online version than in the Roberts book – for example, a schoolboy at the right-hand edge of the picture is less cropped (and lighter/clearer), and there is more of the football visible at the bottom of the frame. Also some murky areas in the Roberts reproduction are revealed to be more discarded pairs of shoes.

So, I thought this version was worth posting below.

Click for full size

This photo is captioned as Ramsgate, 1967 in the Russell Roberts book, but c. 1968 in the Only in England book.

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