Thursday, March 27

"The Photograph that Inspired Me" - fLIP magazine

I've written a short piece on "The Photograph that Inspired Me" for the current issue of fLIP magazine. I chose this Tony Ray-Jones photo (which is not reproduced in the mag):

Details about this issue and the magazine are here:

The mag is available in the bookshops at The Photographers Gallery, National Portrait Gallery, Serpentine Gallery and others listed in the link above. It's a very nice magazine and this issue features contributions by Julia Fullerton-Batten, Jim Mortram, Anita Strasser, Astrid Schulz and John Philips.


Aaron Aardvark said...

An image so dense it reads like a book.

Paul Russell said...

Yes, it's a great shot. And maybe one more appreciated by photographers than layman.

Paul Russell said...

than the layman, as photographers will also be aware of the difficulty of producing a shot of this complexity that fits together well.