Friday, April 4

What’s In Your Bag (no. 833.5)

My photo daytrip packing list. As used throughout 2013:

Back up (hard drive)
Papers (newspapers to read on journey)
Camera + battery
Phones + power pack (portable charger)
Glasses (spare)
Toothbrush (and paste)
Nasal spray
Pens + notebook
Nurofen (actually Tesco ibuprofen)
Business cards

Vitamins (take before go)
Food and water (again – don’t forget to take)
Sunscreen (as necessary)
Earphones (for phone – music to block out noisy passengers)
Hat (as necessary)

Japan Camera Hunter eat your heart out...


Anonymous said...

Wow that must be quite a lot to carry - i tend to just grab my camera and not much else (ok perhaps some film if i'm using my film camera), OK perhaps some money for a cup of coffee.

Paul Russell said...

Hi. I generally do my photography in individual daytrips involving a, say, 4-hour round trip train journey. So this is my "survival kit" for the day.