Wednesday, July 23

Greetings from LA (Littlehampton), July 2014

The Saturday before last, I paid a visit to Littlehampton in West Sussex. Also known as LA (Little 'ampton), the seaside town has been the inspiration behind many classic songs, such as LA Woman by The Doors and Drinking in LA by Bread Van 3000.

I lived in the area in my youth - and my blue plaque is a tourist hotspot.

Clicking on the photos should make something happen, depending on what device you're using:

[The Chef's cat, Littlehampton]

[New stage and Kingsmere, Littlehampton]

[Seaside beach kiosk with people and flags, Littlehampton, aka Swanage in The Inbetweeners]

Along the way, I bumped into Justin Sainsbury of the Burn My Eye photography collective and local "character" Neil Warry.

For my overall takes on seaside photography, see my collections on my website and on In-Public

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