Friday, July 4

More from June 2014

Tying up some loose ends, here's some more from June 2014.

Clicking on pics will give bigger pics/slideshow on most set-ups:

Lampshade sea scene, Weymouth.

Bournemouth baby.

Bad Girls, Brighton stars and stripes street scene.

Supermarket, Bath.

Two booths, Weymouth.

West Bay.

Ruler, measuring, Bath.


Mark said...

That lampshade one is just so surreal ;-)

Paul Russell said...

Yes, it's not an everyday occurrence.

Bill Wellham said...

Nice set of images; all with lots of mini stories and so much going on. Surreal collages of the English human landscape.

Nice work.

Paul Russell said...

Thank you, Bill.

Dave Mason Images said...

You still
have the magic touch Paul