Tuesday, March 15

Seven photos from February 2016 - street photography from London and Bath Spa

Here's seven photos from February 2016 from Bath Spa and London.

Clicking on the photos may make something happen, depending on your device/set-up...

[caption: London, drain, squiggle, pavement]

[caption: London, hospital, van, street photography]

[caption: Bath, hose, building, hi-vis, demolition]

[caption: Bath, pub, newspaper, beer, windowbox]

[caption: Bath, dog, supermarket, wagging tail, joy, street photography]

[caption: London, charity shop, artwork, painting, flower, animal welfare, never, Lower Marsh]

[caption: London, London Bridge Station, mop, street photography]


Cornelie Müller-Gödecke said...


these photos are like easter eggs... thank you!


Paul Russell said...

Hi Connie. Nice to hear from you again!

Anonymous said...

The one with the dog is really great!