Sunday, March 6

Ten from January 2016 - street photography from Brighton, Bath and Weymouth

Street photography from January 2016 from Brighton, Bath, Weymouth and Dorchester

Click on the photos for bigger versions/slideshow, etc. depending on your set-up. Thanks...

[caption: Exercise bike, Bournemouth, bins, trade refuse]

[caption: Chippy, Bournemouth, Harry Ramsden's, chips, dog, street photography]

[caption: Brighton, cross, flag, Western Road, street photography]

[caption: Brighton, alterations, traditional shop, dry cleaners, key cutting]

[caption: Bath Spa, dog, trolleys, Iceland, street photography, legs]

[caption: crow, Weymouth, dome, arch]

[caption: dog, Weymouth, beach, seaside street photography, pooh, fishing cage]

[caption: crow, Weymouth, fence, Weymouth, beach, seaside]

[caption: lorry, Iceland, Dorchester, night]

[caption: abandoned Christmas tree, Bath Spa, cliche, private]

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Brham13 Silva said...

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