Saturday, July 30

Street photography from May 2016 - Brighton, Bath, Bournemouth and Bridport

This month I only travelled to places beginning with B - Brighton, Bath, Bournemouth and Bridport. I sneaked in a few from my home turf of Weymouth, of course. (There are also Weymouth Kite Festival and Brit Valley dog show photos that I need to go through properly.)

Clicking on the photos may provoke larger versions/a slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[no. 1, caption: Brighton bus stop, street photography, Magic Wigglee type thing]

[no. 2, caption: Bath, LOL, WTF, knees, teens]

[no. 3, caption: Bath, waiting room, mirror, Las Meninas goes wrong]

[no. 4, caption: Bath, tourists, Sally Lunn's, bus, street photography, rain]

[no. 5, caption: Bath, spring onions, tree, station]

[no. 6, caption: Weymouth, seagull, seaside, beach]

[no. 7, caption: Weymouth, legs, seaside, pipe, tube]

[no. 8, caption: Weymouth, crazy golf, beach, seaside, street photography]

[no. 9, caption: Bournemouth, cones, promenade]

[no. 10, caption: Bridport, West Bay, dog show]

[no. 11, caption: Bridport, West Bay, dog show, judging]

Next up - photos from participants in the Brighton Street Photo Workshop that I ran in May...

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