Monday, August 8

Street photography from June 2016 - photos from Weymouth, Bridport and London

And now, some of my photos from June this year from Weymouth, Bridport, West Bay and that London.

Clicking on the photos may provoke larger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[1, caption: Weymouth, beach, cagoule, seaside]

[2, caption: West Bay, dog in a box, shelter, promenade, seaside, street photography]

[3, caption: West Bay, crash helmets, embrace, wall, seaside]

[4, caption: Weymouth, cycle helmet, crows, beach, seaside street photography]

[5, caption: Bridport, dogs, cone, waiting, car, garage]

[6, caption: Bridport, cows, photography, van]

[7, caption: London, street photography, busker, cone, embrace]

[8, caption: umbrella, Oxford Street, street photography]

[9, caption: Great Newport Street, Cliff Richard, newspaper, steps]

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