Wednesday, June 21

100 Great Street Photographs - a new book from David Gibson

Great to see my photo in this new Prestel book, 100 Great Street Photographs, and to see the book on the shelves. The book is written/curated by David Gibson. It's a nicely produced book, and everyone seems very happy with it.

I'm pleased to have the book, as it includes some of my favourite street photographs - modern classics from the likes of Stephen McLaren, Yota Yoshida and Maria Plotnikova (off the top of my head). It makes a good companion to Street Photography Now, as pictured here in a Waterstones.

My photo is taken in London (there's a big clue as the sign "Broadwick Street, W1, City of Westminster" is visible in the photo. It's quite an unusual picture for me, in that it's taken in "good" light on a sunny day. I usually make a point of photographing in overcast-ish dull light. The weather forecast must have been wrong that day when I set off to London. To buy a print of this image, please visit here.


Connie said...

Congratulation, Paul!

Now I have to see whether the book is available in Germany...

I like to see my favourite photographers printed!

Cheers, Connie

Paul Russell said...

Hi Connie. The publisher, Prestel, is German, of course. There is a German version.