Sunday, July 16

Print sale - my image from David Gibson's 100 Great Street Photographs book

For sale - prints of my image from David Gibson's 100 Great Street Photographs book, published by Prestel (see previous post).

Get your hands on number 8, number 9 or number 10 (above) of this edition of 30. The print size is 15 by 10 inches. Price £35 UK, £40 rest of world, including postage. (Prices will rise substantially for later numbers.) The prints will be initialled on the front, signed on the back. Digital C-type print, printed on gloss Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.

email me on to buy, or use the button at the bottom of this blog post!

"I love that print. It's amazing!!" - Jan Normandale, Canada - owner of number 1 of 30.

"It's here! And I love it. Thank you." - Per-Olof Stoltz, Sweden - owner of number 2.

"Paul, just got my picture - LOVE IT!" - Alexis Alvarez, New York - owner of number 3.

"Fantastic! Thank you" - Stephen Grocott, UK - owner of number 4.

"Hi Paul. I got your print. It is a great print - I love it." Hakon Agustsson, Iceland, owner of number 7

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