Sunday, November 21

A 2021 Publication – Aquae Sulis – A Brief History of the People of Bath. Published by Bump Books.

 November 2021

Following on from my On Weymouth Beach and Country Show zines, I have another publication out via Bump Books of London. David Solomons of Bump Books has selected 24 of my images from my project on the inhabitants of the city of Bath, and the result is a very nice, 32-page booklet. Again, print quality is very good.

Aquae Sulis – A Brief History of the People of Bath  
Published by Bump Books 
Edited by David Solomons 
Publication date: May 2021 
Size: 210mm x 148mm 
Cover: uncoated 170gsm digital 
Text: uncoated 120gsm digital 
Pages: 32 
Images: 24 
Printed in the UK 
Edition of 200

This Bath zine was published in tandem with a zine of my Bournemouth photos – I’ll post details of the Bournemouth zine on a further blog post soon.

The Aquae Sulis – A Brief History of the People of Bath zine costs £6.50, but you can get it along with the Bournemouth zine for just £10. Or you can purchase all four of my Bump zines - On Weymouth Beach, Country Show, Bournemouth, and Aquae Sulis for just £20. Bargain.

To purchase one, two or all four zines go to the Bump website here, where you can also see the spreads for the Aquae Sulis Bath zine

Go the Bump Books website home page to find the spreads for all four of my zines, along with publications by many other fine photographers.

 Full spreads (in order)

Full-size photos (not in order due to some Blogspot quirk)

In situ

Saturday, November 14

New Publication – Country Show. Published by Bump Books.

 November 2020

I have a new publication – "Country Show ", published by Bump Books of London. This 32-page A5 zine has 23 of my country show photos from events in the southwest of England.

This unique selection from my many photos of these events was carried out by David Solomons of Bump Books. The print quality and paper are very nice – all in all, it’s a quality piece of work…

The Dorset County Show is heavily featured in the booklet, along with photos from the Melplash Show, the New Forest Show, and the Romsey Show.

Go here to see the spreads and buy from Bump Books:

Country Show by Paul Russell.
Published October 2020 by Bump Books (
A5 size (210mm x 148mm). Pages: 32, images: 23. Edition of 200.
Price: £6 plus postage from Bump Books (

I've given the complete layout of the book below, along with the individual images



Back cover - wrap around...

A zine in the hand...



Individual images - random order


My book blurb

I live in Weymouth in the southwest of England, and I’ve been shooting country shows in the area since 2004. Each show lasts between one and three days, and I only shoot this subject matter for a few days a year, but over the years it all adds up…

On my first visit to a show, I was struck by the incredible power of the cattle, and the techniques the handlers use to control them. A theme that emerged early on in my photos was the complicated range of relationships between man and animals – from the cattle eventually destined for the abattoir to the affection shown to a family pet.

After exploring that theme, at the close of a typical day’s shooting I take a few photos in the horticulture tents for some variety and light relief. Ultimately, for these events it always comes down to the same thing – it’s all about show; it’s all about display; it’s all about looking your absolute best – whether you’re a sheep, goat, showjumper, or geranium.

Paul Russell, 2020