Friday, November 6

Prints prints prints!

I have ONE of each of the following prints at 15 by 10 inches for just £15 inclusive of postage/packing for the UK, £20 for the rest of the world.

Email me on for purchase details.

Prints look like this:

Format: Paper size: 15 by 10 inches. Unframed, unmounted, signed on reverse. Digital C-type print, printed on gloss Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper. Prints are despatched in sturdy poster tubes.

Thursday, November 5

Eight from London, October 2015

Last month I took advantage of a special offer on the train and made a few trips up to London. When going to London over the past couple of years, I felt I’d got into a bit of a routine/rut of heading for the West End, so on my visits this month, I made a point of not going north of the river…

I had my left arm in a sling for this month due to a broken collar bone. Top tip - don't cycle while carrying loads of bags.

Sunday, October 11

Country Show 2015 - Melplash Show, Dorset County Show, Frome Cheese Show

Here's a few photos from this year's country shows in Dorset and Somerset.

Clicking on thumbnails will give bigger versions or slideshow, depending on your set-up:

[caption: rabbit, cage, prize, second, Dorset County Show, "do not feed"]

[caption: cattle, cows, udder, Dorset County Show]

[caption: Melplash Show, hay, rest, signs]

[caption: sheep, judging, Dorset County Show]

[caption: tent, flowers, dog, Dorset County Show]

[caption: tent, flowers, dog, Frome Cheese Show, "no dogs"]

[caption: honey, bees, wasp, Dorset County Show]

Monday, August 31

Cruel summer: it's the season for umbrellas in Weymouth

Well, that's summer over. Umbrellas can be a photographic cliche, but it was hard to avoid photographing them this summer.

[Weymouth beach, July 2015]

[Weymouth beach, August 2015]

[Weymouth beach, August 2015]

Tuesday, August 25

Street photography from July 2015 - Bath, Brighton, Weymouth, Bournemouth...

... and Littlehampton.

Street photography from July 2015. Please click on the thumbnails for bigger version or a nice slideshow, depending on your device.

[caption: Bath, pigeons, tourist, hair, phone, photography, street photography]

[caption: Bath, bike, bicycle, hose, hi-vis, vintage clothing, street photography]

[caption: Littlehampton, swan, River Arun, boat, speedboat]

[caption: Brighton, pier, umbrellas, sunny, summer]

[caption: Brighton, pizza, litter, pigeons, trainers, sneakers]

[caption: Brighton, arches, demolish, white horse, rubbish]

[caption: Weymouth, umbrellas, deckchair, beach, seaside, summer, sand, street photography]

[caption: Bournemouth, beach photography, seaside, pier, sprawl, games]

[caption: Bournemouth, wheelchair, chip shop, dog, railings, street photography]

[caption: Bath, Milsom Street, dummies, closure, street photography]

Wednesday, August 5

Street photography from June 2015. Part 2 - Bournemouth, Brighton, Bath, West Bay

More from June 2015.

Click on the images for bigger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up...

[caption: Brighton, bus, street photography, flowers, crossing]

[caption: bookseller, Brighton, trolley, Trafalgar, street photography, hill, Thrifty]

[caption: West Bay, dog, rucksack]

[caption: Bath, street photography, plastic bag, tourists, tour, guide]

[caption: station, train, teddy, passenger, luggage]

[caption: Bournemouth, street photography, pier, embrace, hair, sea, wind, telescope]

Sunday, August 2

Street photography from June 2015. Part 1 - Brighton, Bath Spa & Weymouth

A few photos from June 2015.

Click on the images for bigger versions or a slideshow, depending on your set-up...

[caption: humous hummus hoummos dip, bench, couple, Brighton, street photography, church window]

[caption: seagull, litter, cage, rubbish, garbage, Bath Spa, street photography, hamster, bikes, bicycles]

[caption: phone booth, Punch and Judy, Weymouth, seaside, street photography, beach]

[caption: Weymouth, underpass, river Wey, cycle track, couple, lake]

[caption: Holiday homes for sale, rural, Dorset, caravans]

Friday, July 17

More from May 2015 - street photography from Weymouth, Bath Spa and London

Seems I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front recently, so here's some extra street photography from May 2015 from Weymouth, Bath and London.

Click on photos for larger versions or slideshow, depending on your set-up...

[Caption: Bath, tourists, bus, dog, ladder]

[Caption: seagull, ice-cream, pigeon, Weymouth, seaside street photography]

[Caption: donkeys, ride, beach, seaside, Weymouth, street photography]

[Caption: banana, bike, sunglasses, ankle, London]

[Caption: Tottenham Court Road tube station, sunglasses, London]

[Caption: Tottenham Court Road tube station, flowers, phone, street photography, London]