Friday, January 14

Some UK street photography dates for your diary

Possibly you know the old saying “You wait ages for a bus, and then you get eaten by a semi-amphibious swamp creature called Derek”.

Well, it so happens that in 2011 Derek is tenuously reincarnated as a strange conjunction of street photography happenings. Namely, two major exhibitions and a street photography festival. The bare basics are sketched out below for your naked enjoyment.

18 February to 4 September 2011
London Street Photography exhibition, Museum of London (with accompanying book/catalogue).

Free entry.
It says: “This major new exhibition at the Museum of London showcases an extraordinary collection of London street photography with over 200 candid images of everyday life in the street. From sepia-toned scenes of horse-drawn cabs taken on bulky tripod-mounted cameras to 21st century Londoners digitally ‘caught on film’, explore how street photography has evolved from 1860 to the present day.”

The 59 photographers featured include Valentine Blanchard, John Thomson, Paul Martin, Horace Nicholls, Wolf Suschitzky, Roger Mayne, Henry Grant, Paul Trevor, Paul Baldesare, Nils Jorgensen, Richard Bram, Stephen McLaren and Nick Turpin. I am very pleased to have a print in this show and the accompanying book.

4 March to 3 April 2011
“Right Here, Right Now” – Exposures from the Public Realm
Format Photography Festival, Derby
It says: “This year’s programme is curated around the theme of street photography. It consists of exhibitions, portfolio reviews, workshops, commissions, screenings, mass participation, talks, photo collectives, publications, a summer school, conference and much more, all focusing on showing new work premiering in the UK, alongside the best established practitioners in the world.”

Highlights include a show of commissioned work from Derby by Bruce Gilden, and an In-Public exhibition and film.

7 to 17 July 2011
London Street Photography Festival
A street photography festival based around the Kings Cross area. More details to follow...

Thursday, January 13

Eighty-two per cent of statistics are made up

Fascinating total web stats for the year 2010
125 832 unique visits*
287 175 page views

This blog
4876 visits
7829 page views
I bet Blake gets this in a day...

*About the same as 2009
126 174 unique visits
282 005 page views

Monday, January 10

Live from the goat trials - uh

Imagine my surprise to come across this well known photography blogger moonlighting as a judge in The Dorset Show goat competition.

Sunday, January 9

Street Photography Now in the Big Issue (Australia)

I have received some nice spreads of an article about the Street Photography Now book that appeared in the Big Issue in Australia (dated 27 December 2010 to 3 January 2011). Thanks to Jesse Marlow for tracking it down.

The article contains pictures by Mimi Mollica, Matt Stuart, Jesse Marlow, Polly Braden, Arif Asci and me.