Monday, October 15

Photography from July 2018: 10 from Weymouth and the New Forest and Yeovil Shows, and more...

A quick summary of my photography from July this year, including some from the New Forest Show and Yeovil Show. The country shows always generate an unusually (for me) large number of photos to go through, and I need to examine them in more detail. I've posted a few that jumped out at me below.

Talking of backlogs - I still have to go through photos from participants from workshops I gave in London and Bath last year - the most ancient being the workshop on 8 April 2017. So in the unlikely event of anyone reading this remembering me claim that I'd post some of their photos here, I haven't forgotten, and will do that soon. Really.

Anyway, here's a few of mine from July this year:

Weymouth gulls
Bath - the Rebecca fountain. Water is Best.
Yeovil Show - judging sheep, and umbrella.
Yeovil Show - hall of mirrors.
On Weymouth beach
Observing a seagull on Weymouth beach
Photographing at the Wareham Carnival
New Forest Show - donkey/cattle airlift scenario
New Forest Show - National Vegetable Society
New Forest Show - in the horticulture tent