Monday, June 30

Summer print sale, June 2014. Bees versus Punch and Judy

The first print sale of the summer is my well-known picture showing the day in June 2008 when the Weymouth Punch and Judy was invaded by bees!

This image is featured in my section in the Street Photography Now book.

Print size is 15 by 10 inches.

My usual price for a print of any picture at this size is a modest £150 but I am offering these for £15 plus postage. The print is only available until Friday 18 July 2014!


Paper size: 15 by 10 inches; image size 12.75 by 8.5 inches. Digital C-type print, printed on gloss Fujifilm Crystal Archive paper.
These unmounted prints are despatched in sturdy poster tubes.

Any queries, contact me on:

Friday, June 27

Summer print sale nos 1 and 2. PREVIEW

I will be offering these two seaside images that appeared in the Street Photography Now book as prints next week. Stay tuned!

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Weymouth beach egg and chips kite

Tuesday, June 24

Print sales – great news

I now have an “instant buy” page on my website, where several of my best-known prints are available to buy instantly via PayPal using a debit or credit card (or PayPal, of course). The prices for these six images are just £35 each, which compares favourably to my standard price of £150 for all my other images. A two-tier pricing system!

Ideal for those impulse and late-night drunken purchases…

Click here for retail pleasure:

Monday, June 16

Beach street photography from Weymouth, Sunday 15 June

Two photos from the seaside at Weymouth, Dorset, Sunday 15 June 2014.

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Punch and Judy crowd, Weymouth

Weymouth prom cone scene

Friday, June 13

How to build a Punch and Judy booth, Weymouth

How to build a Punch and Judy booth. Not terrific quality pictures, I'm afraid, as I only had a digital compact on me.

But quite interesting as I've never seen this done before...

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Tuesday, June 10

Beach street photography from Swanage, Sunday 8 June

Three photos from the seaside at Swanage, Dorset, Sunday 8 June 2014, early evening.
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Takeaway, Swanage

Promenade shelter, Swanage

Swanage beach