Tuesday, September 16

Photos from the Frome Cheese Show, 2014

Four photos from the Frome Agricultural and Cheese Show on Saturday, 13 September 2014

Click on the photos for larger versions/slideshow, depending on your set-up.

[Cow tail fluffing, Frome Cheese Show]

[Cow scene, Frome Cheese Show]

[Judging discussions, Frome Cheese Show]

[Thicket of goats, Frome Cheese Show]

Monday, September 15

Street photography inspiration/instruction generator


I am making a street photography inspiration/instruction random generator here.

Designed for those days where everything seems blank and nothing is working. It is primarily intended to be used on mobile phones...

With a nod to Eno and Schmidt's Oblique Strategies and the I Ching, of course...

Wednesday, September 10

Dorset County Show, September 2014

Three photos taken at the weekend at the Dorset County Show. A very enjoyable show.

Click on photos for bigger photos/slideshow (result depends on your device!)

Judging pigs, cup, prizes, country show, Dorset

Glebe herd, pedigree South Devons, prizes, country show, Dorset

Rabbits, selling, country show, Dorset

Tuesday, September 2

Brighton quotes/photos 2013 (Brighton belongs to me)

"Brighton is not exactly England. I have always felt at home here."
Quentin Crisp

"...even shimmering in the rain Brighton looks like a town recovering from a multiple orgasm."
Julie Burchill, Guardian article here

“Brighton is very nice, but I'm not sure about the sea. I think the sea is a mistake. I mean, what does it want, banging and crashing away on the shore like that all day?”.
Quentin Crisp

"Brighton is a town that always looks as if it is helping police with their inquiries."
Keith Waterhouse

Brighton, 2013. Paul Russell. From the series "Brighton Belongs To Me"

Brighton, 2013. Paul Russell. From the series "Brighton Belongs To Me"