Friday, February 13

Street photography print sales: limited editions (Elton John retail zone)

As well as offering 12 images at what I think are unbelievably reasonable prices (£30 and £40) in unlimited editions

... I now have a new print sales section, where I offer larger prints in strictly limited editions at realistic prices for the collector. More images will be made available here soon.

[Brighton, 2013]

"From a penny to a thousand pounds" Hi-Lo Jamaican Eating House, Cowley Road, Oxford

Sunday, February 1

Thirteen images from an imaginary Weymouth seaside calendar

Clicking on images for larger versions or slideshow, depending on your set-up:

[caption: Weymouth beach, Canada Geese, street photography]

[caption: Weymouth beach, shark, funfair]

[caption: Weymouth beach, legs, street photography, seaside]

[caption: Weymouth beach, kites, street photography, seaside]

[caption: Weymouth beach, touch, trolley, street photography]

[caption: Weymouth beach, digging, bait, dog, seaside]

[caption: Weymouth beach, pedalo, watercraft, seaside]

[caption: Weymouth beach, dog, street photography]

[caption: Weymouth beach, coats, seaside, out of season]

[caption: Weymouth beach, elderly, stripey hut, seaside]

[caption: Weymouth beach, donkeys, seaside]

[caption: Weymouth beach, bees, punch and judy, seaside]

[caption: Weymouth, sunglasses, stripey hut, surprised]